GoldMax is Fools Gold

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If you go to a GoldMax and get taken in by their businesslike dress and manner and think it is a professional organization and will offer a fair price for your gold/silver, you will be fooled!They are nothing more than a PAWN SHOP with some shinny new clothes.

I took a pocket full of 1/2oz. silver coins to them, after checking the spot price of silver immediately before my visit. When I handed the ripoff artist one of my coins, not saying I had more, she even looked up and quoted the current price of silver at $23.13 an ounce. She did the ol' flimflam and did all the measurements of weight and diameter and called "the boss".

We both knew the spot price of my 99.9% pure silver coin was approximately $12.56 and I expected a fair and reasonable offer a bit below that. Surprise!! They are just a PAWN SHOP and she came at me with the totally insulting offer of $2.36!!! ***!!

Don't sell your precious metals to them! If you have pure or close to pure coins or bullion, go to a precious metal dealer.

I ended up getting $22.96 per ounce at the store of in Lutz near Tampa!If you have something else, with some precious metal, go to a pawn shop first!!

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